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Whether you’re growing a team from the ground up, or looking for a specialist who will have a deep-rooted network of untapped talent, we have a team dedicated to helping you in every aspect of the hiring lifecycle.

The Life Sciences industry constantly craves world-class talent, so work with a world-class partner to help you Evolve.

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We stand beside your Board and Talent Team to drive employee hiring, develop internal HR processes, and place the best talent with the right skills and culture fit to successfully drive your growth.

You’ll get the speed of an agency and the stability of an in-house recruitment team in one service to help you with your global expansion.

We have a true passion for people and progress.

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Career goal, ambition, restless exploration, passion, challenge or following a dream; a fulfilling personal life science journey requires the same combined elements as the best of our life science breakthroughs: dedication; belief in ability; openness to possibility; shared knowledge and strong community. To help you progress, Evolve provides a life sciences community with all of these attributes.

anthropology, ecology, entomology, botany, zoology, microbiology, physiology, biotechnology, evolutionary biology, genetics, human anatomy, marine biology, molecular and cell biology

Together, we evolve

Career Evolution

We operate across the following verticals delivering specialist talent and world-class recruitment strategies to Biotechnology’s globally:






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About Evolve

Evolve is a team of specialist recruiters passionate about providing a high-quality, bespoke, and personable service to Biotechnologies across the globe. Since our inception, we have been obsessed with doing more than just finding “great” talent.

We know that the future of Life Sciences recruitment requires a strategic and holistic approach to talent management, and we’re here to do just that.

Together, We Evolve

The Team

The way we do things at Evolve is unlike typical recruitments firms. We work with you to provide a tailored 360o service, with a focus on being the trusted solutions provider for the future needs within your staffing roadmap.

We are a multi-brand group, providing custom services which are designed to provide exclusive fulfilment of your hiring requirements from our consultancy Coex, to our executive search brand OV search.

Job Board

Head of Regulatory Affairs
San Diego, CA (On-site)

$350,000/yr - $450,000/yr · Full-time · Mid-Senior level

Evolve have partnered with a growing biotechnology company committed to transforming the discovery of antibody-based cancer immunotherapies. They are one of the leaders in the application of AI based design in novel immunotherapy programs and has forged many relationships throughout the industry applying this technology.

VP of Business Development (Contract Research Organization)
United States (Remote)

$150,000/yr - $225,000/yr · Full-time · Director

Evolve are partnered with a transformative CRO who's goal is to drastically improve the efficiency in Clinical Trials through the utilization of cutting edge technology.

Director of Biostatistics
San Diego, (CA On-site)

$125,000/yr - $225,000/yr · Full-time · Mid-Senior level

Evolve are partnering with a clinical-stage precision oncology biotechnology company focused on discovery through to commercialization of medicines for cancer patients.

VP of Clinical Development
San Diego, CA (On-site)

$275,000/yr - $400,000/yr · Full-time · Mid-Senior level

Evolve are partnering with a recently funded biotechnology company dedicated to developing and commercializing novel oncology therapies. They have a proven track record of drug discovery and development, having discovered multiple clinical-stage compounds and have a product on the market.

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Right now every aspect of life sciences is facing challenges in a changing world, looking to identify the people who can adapt and develop to meet these demands and Evolve is driven by the need to play a vital part in leading the search. Regardless of age, experience, background or sector, we would like to hear from those who are dedicated to playing their part in tackling an unwritten future.

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