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Evolve with partners of specialist recruiters who have done just that, evolve. Building on a belief that a network of likeminded individuals can grow and achieve more personally if they are given the tools to share and contribute communally, we have built involved career communities for industries as diverse as…..and it works!

What we stand for

"The Circle is a symbol of unity, a reminder that all life is interconnected, spiralling together through space, on this beautiful pale blue dot"

Anna Murray

Meet the team

Craig Davies


Hannah Jane Roué

Marketing Director

New York
Alex Stone

Managing Director

Los Angeles
Chay Carter


Gintare Stasiunaityte

Finance Director

Joanna Jewitt

HR Director

Key Principles

The way we do things at Evolve is unlike typical recruitments firms. We work with you to provide a tailored 360o service, with a focus on being the trusted solutions provider for the future needs within your staffing roadmap.

Value people

Together we evolve

Reward initiative

Perpetual progress

The Evolve Way | Client Methodology

Value people:

From the individuals within our organisation through to our clients and candidates that we deal with – we have a true passion and fondness for people. Building relationships, evolving together and achieving something great can only be done with the right team and the people within it.


Strive for quality:

Providing a tailored, high-quality service is at the core of what we do – and this goes beyond just sourcing great talent. It’s the interactions that we have: they’re intentional, they’re thought-out, and the quality of communication and the results of this is what drive us. In a market that is saturated, quality is key.


Encourage diversity:

The Life Sciences industry is full of incredible talent – and the sectors within them are all actively focused on DE&I. We encourage our clients to embrace diversity and ensure that their hiring strategy is as inclusive as possible.

Orbis Group

Evolve is part of the Orbis Group, a network of companies dedicated to shaping industries through innovation and expertise. Learn more about our group and the collective strength that fuels our success.


The curious, the creative, the caring, those very much in the present with a bigger future in their grasp. If you see the big picture and have ideas and strategies to solve some of the word’s biggest problems, we would like to invite you into our network of like-minded, to Evolve with us.

Connected we solve. Together, we Evolve

Closer to the ideal career

Evolve takes the time to get to know you.

What motivates you? What makes you tick? What do you stay up late at night thinking about? What initiatives excite you? What do you crave from a new opportunity?

We go above and beyond to understand not only what you can offer to a business, but what they need to offer you. We’re not looking to offer you a job and move on, we’re determined to offer you THE job: an opportunity of a lifetime.


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